Transform your life. Appreciating everything you receive, allow attributes to grow. Prevent unwanted thoughts and emotions anytime. Choose not to have them. Attributes cure unwanted thoughts and emotions . They only grow if you have appreciation.

19 May 2021 7.08 am Devi’s Murali


GODDESS SPEAKS: Om Shanti my sweetest one Namaste
One can only transform one’s life if one appreciates everything that one has received.
Remember that it is the only way that one can allow the attributes to grow. If there is no appreciation, the attributes will not grow.
If there is no appreciation it is because of one’s desires and expectations. These are the opposite of appreciation.
When there is no appreciation, there are unwanted thoughts and emotions. One will be constantly plagued with these as long as one holds on to desires and expectations.
Remember that all unwanted thoughts and emotions are unnecessary. They are created by the material mind.
Unwanted thoughts and emotions can be prevented at any time. It is one’s own choice that one has these.
The cure for unwanted thoughts and emotions is the attributes. The attributes can only grow if one has appreciation.
One cannot follow the true path if one is filled with unwanted thoughts and emotions. One cannot complete the journey if one does not have the attributes.
Remember that these are the requirements to be completely free.
Om Shanti my dearest one Namaste
SEEKER RESPECTS GODDESS: Om Maha Shakti Namaste 🕉🙏

Wednesday, 19 May 2021, 07:29 GMT+10 Baba’s Murali


BABA SPEAKS: Om Shanti my sweet child
Everyone wants joy and happiness but only few are willing to find true joy and happiness.
Most people have been conditioned to seek material joy and happiness. They want stimulants in order to have these.
They have desires and expectations which they will not give up. They enjoy having these desires and expectations.
But along with these, they also have unwanted thoughts and emotions. They are unhappy and have other unwanted thoughts and emotions.
Most people are unhappy or lonely or bored but they refuse to cure themselves of these unwanted emotions. They want stimulants to have material joy and happiness.
They are aware that material joy and happiness are temporary but they still want these. They refuse to change but expect their lives to change.
They want joy and happiness forever but refuse to allow these to grow. They want to be free of all unhappiness but refuse to change.
Remember that one can always have true joy and happiness at any time. One only needs to choose.
Instead of choosing material joy and happiness, one must choose true joy and happiness. Instead of choosing stimulants, one must choose gratitude.
When one appreciates everything that one has, one allows the attributes to grow. One prevents unwanted thoughts and emotions at the same time.
It does not matter if one has less than others. It does not matter because the comparison is with one’s desires and expectations.
Everything can be transformed if one makes the right choice. One can choose to be free or be trapped.
One can choose to have the attributes through appreciation or have unwanted thoughts and emotions through desires and expectations. One can choose to follow the true path or the material path.
One can choose to have pain and suffering or be free. It is one’s choice and nobody else’s.
Om Shanti my sweet child



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