Know what to achieve to complete your soul journey in your limited lifetime.

16:42 13 April 2021 pm Devi’s Murali
Seeker: Om Maha Shakti Namaste

Goddess: Om Shanti my sweetest one Namaste
It is difficult to be patient when time is important in the material world.
Time is limited in the material world and the material mind wants to create as many distractions as possible. It wants everyone to have as many material paths as possible.
That is why everyone is always in a rush. Everyone has a need to complete everything in a rush.
Remember that even if one rushes through or moves slowly, everyone will arrive at the same place only at the right time. Nobody can move faster or slower.
The time for everyone is fixed. One cannot rush through it. Neither can one delay it.
Everyone will arrive at the destination at the right time. This right time has already been determined.
Nobody and nothing can change this. One can only accept it.
One must accept that everyone will complete the life journey at a certain time. One must accept that the life journey is not important.
It is not the soul journey, which is important. The journey of the soul is important, so that it can be completed.
The material or life journey is only temporary. One only goes round in circles.
One must learn to focus on the journey of the soul so that it can be completed. One must focus on this so that one can return home.
Om Shanti my dearest one Namaste

Seeker: Om Maha Shakti Namaste๐Ÿ•‰๐Ÿ™

16:53 13 April 2021 pm Baba’s Murali
Seeker: Om Shanti Baba

Baba: Om Shanti my sweet child
The material mind has conditioned everyone to believe that if one rushes through, there will be more time.
Remember that time is the same whether one moves slowly or rushes through. Time is not different in the material world.
Everyone has limited time in the material world. Even if one rushes through or moves slowly, the time is the same.
Remember that everyone reaches the destination at a certain time. When time runs out for one, everything stops.
Then it starts again or the journey is completed depending on the choices that one makes. But there is no extra or shorter time.
It is difficult to ignore time. But time is actually irrelevant.
No matter what one does, time is the same. One cannot rush through nor can one delay it.
But the journey of the soul is different. When the journey is completed, the soul moves out of the cycle of life.
The soul is then free to return home. Only those who are trapped will continue the cycle of life.
The material mind wants everyone to be trapped. It does not want anyone to be free.
When one rushes through, one is not aware of the passing of time. One wastes time and so will not have sufficient time to break free.
If one focuses on the journey of the soul, one will be aware of the limited time that one has to complete the journey. One will be aware of everything that must be achieved before the journey can be completed.
That is why it is important to be aware of time. It is important not to rush through and be involved in irrelevant matters.
Time is limited so that one can use it wisely.
Om Shanti my sweet child

Seeker: Om Shanti Baba๐Ÿ•‰๐Ÿ™

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  1. The seeker greets the Goddess before She speaks. She bids Her farewell, when her teachings end. The same with Baba.


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