Nobody is without blessings. Appreciate every blessing so you have joy and happiness through them; not unwanted thoughts and emotions. Do not acquire new burdens or unwanted consequences. Make right choices to receive more blessings.

Sunday, 9 May 2021, 06:44 GMT+10 Devi’s Murali


GODDESS SPEAKS: Om Shanti my sweetest one Namaste 🕉🙏
Everyone has been given blessings.
Only when one compares these do they find that some have more than others. Then they desire to have more too.
Remember that not all blessings are visible. Not all blessings are known to others.
Most blessings are unnoticed. They are unknown until one no longer has them.
Everyone has numerous blessings. These may be different because of their past burdens.
Nobody is without blessings. Only when one notices the absence of a blessing is one affected by it.
Everyone has blessings. Some have fewer because of their past burdens.
It is not because one is loved more or less than others. Remember that one’s choices will affect one’s experiences.
One must learn to be aware of all the blessings that one has received. One must be aware of these and not compare oneself with others.
One must learn to appreciate every blessing that one has. One must appreciate these so that one has joy and happiness through them.
One must appreciate all the blessings that one has so that one does not have unwanted thoughts and emotions. Remember that one must not acquire new burdens or unwanted consequences.
One must always make the right choices in order to receive more blessings.
Om Shanti my dearest one Namaste


Sunday, 9 May 2021, 07:06 GMT+10 Baba’s Murali


BABA SPEAKS: Om Shanti my sweet child
One must learn to appreciate everything that one receives.
Most people are constantly comparing themselves to others. They always notice everything that others have but they themselves do not have.
This creates unwanted thoughts and emotions. Then one has desires and expectations which create more unwanted thoughts and emotions.
The more unwanted thoughts and emotions one has, the more unwanted consequences and burdens one acquires. Then one will have to experience the lack of some blessings because these unwanted consequences and burdens must be resolved.
Remember that everyone receives numerous blessings. Some are noticeable and some are not. Some people may appear to have more blessings but they may not actually have more.
Most people equate blessings with material possessions. If one has more material possessions, one is considered to have more blessings.
Remember that everyone has the same blessings. It is one’s choices that determine which blessings will be lacking. The lack of blessings will help one to resolve one’s past burdens.
Remember that the absence of a blessing is the result of one’s own choices. If one makes the right choices, one will have all the blessings.
One must also remember that blessings are not only material possessions. Most often, material possessions create unwanted thoughts and emotions.
They create greed and selfishness. They create more desires and expectations.
Blessings are there in order to be used for the completion of the journey. They are not for the enjoyment of the material self but to facilitate the process of completing the journey.
The absence of a blessing is an obstacle that one must overcome in order to complete the journey. They help one to resolve past burdens so that one is free.
Remember that every blessing is important. Every blessing is special.
Om Shanti my sweet child



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