I helped all who called Me. I have been there with them. I come to those who are sincere. Those who believe in Me know I am with them.

Sunday, 2 May 2021, 17:31 GMT+10 Devi’s Murali

Seeker: Om Maha Shakti Namaste

Goddess: Om Shanti my sweetest one Namaste
One must believe that I am there.
Most people are unaware of this. They do not believe in Me.
Some people only call to Me when I am needed. They only seek Me when there is something material that is required.
I am soon forgotten. I am ignored until I am needed again.
I have helped all who have called to Me. I have been there with them.
But as I am forgotten until I am needed, I will not come to their aid whenever I am called. I will come to those who are sincere.
Those who believe in Me will always know that I am with them. They will always be aware that I am there.
Those who believe in me will not seek me only when I am needed. They will share their joys as well as their pain.
When one believes in Me, I will share in one’s joy. I will also lift one so that one is safe.
When one believes in Me, one will know Me. One will trust in Me.
Remember that when one trusts in Me, I am there beside one. I am there at all times.
Om Shanti my dearest one Namaste

Seeker: Om Maha Shakti Namaste 🕉🙏

Sunday, 2 May 2021, 17:39 GMT+10 Baba’s Murali

Seeker: Om Shanti Baba

Baba: Om Shanti my sweet child
The material mind has conditioned everyone to believe only in itself.
Most people do not believe in the Supreme One. Those who believe in the Supreme One only do so when help is required.
The help is usually material. They ask for numerous things and want material matters to be resolved.
Remember that the Supreme One is not a genie. The Supreme One is not there to grant wishes.
The Supreme One is always present to those who believe in Her. She will always be there.
Most people seek the Supreme One for help. Then they forget about it until the next time help is needed.
The Supreme One will help those who need Her. But those who only seek Her for help will not be allowed to continue to do so.
When help is given, one must appreciate it. One must always remember this.
The Supreme One will always be there when one believes in Her. One must trust and surrender to Her.
One must share one’s joy and sorrow with the Supreme One. One cannot expect only to be helped but not share one’s joy.
Believe in the Supreme One. Believe that She is always there.
Om Shanti my sweet child

Om Shanti Baba 🕉🙏


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