Believe and trust the journey will be completed at the right time and it will be.

16:54 21 April 2021 pm Devi’s Murali

Seeker: Om Maha Shakti Namaste

Goddess: Om Shanti my sweetest one Namaste

There are not many who will complete the journey directly.
The journey can be completed directly or indirectly. Most of those who complete the journey, do so indirectly.
Completing the journey indirectly is where one resolves past burdens. One resolves these through one’s thoughts, words, emotions and actions.
One also acquires good consequences through one’s thoughts, words, emotions and actions. One is also free from all unwanted thoughts and emotions.
These can be achieved through practise and being aware. One can attain these by breaking free of all conditionings and control of the material mind.
One may not be aware of completing the journey but the effect is the same. When the material self breaks free, the soul is free.
Completing the journey directly is through the connection with the soul. Few are able to connect with the soul.
Those who are able to do so can complete the journey because of the guidance of the soul. One is also connected with the soul so one is able to make the right choices.
A few are able to complete the journey through connection with Me. I will guide them to complete the journey.
When it is time to complete the journey, it will be completed. One only has to be willing. One must believe and trust that it will be.
Om Shanti my dearest one Namaste

Seeker: Om Maha Shakti Namaste 🕉🙏

17:05 21 April 2021 pm Baba’s Murali

Seeker: Om Shanti Baba

Baba: Om Shanti my sweet child
The most important thing is that the journey is completed.
As long as the journey is not completed, one will continue in the cycle of life. One will need to try to complete the journey again and again.
Most journeys which are completed are done so indirectly. One learns to live the attributes and be free of all unwanted consequences and burdens.
One learns these through one’s lifetimes. One becomes wiser as one learns through pain and suffering.
Some learn through others. They learn to break free and to resolve past burdens.
They avoid acquiring new burdens and are able to be free of all unwanted thoughts and emotions. The journey is completed because they have learnt and practised.
Few are able to complete the journey directly. This requires connection with the soul or the Supreme One.
When one is connected, one is guided to complete the journey. One is guided directly.
Those who are guided will not become lost again. They will be guided to return home.
Everything will be as it should be. Nothing and nobody can prevent this.
Om Shanti my sweet child

Seeker: Om Shanti Baba 🕉🙏


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