Live by the 4 attributes. Always have them. They help you in everything. You do not need anything else. They are everything. All joy peace happiness and love you need is in the attributes. Only they exist, naturally. Everyone has them. Grow and strengthen them. Have them constantly. Attributes are, in the state of being. Always.

Monday, 10 May 2021, 07:43 GMT+10 Devi’s Murali


GODDESS SPEAKS: Om Shanti my sweetest one Namaste
The attributes are there so that one can live them.
One must always have the attributes so that one does not become lost. The attributes will help one in everything.
One does not require anything when one has the attributes. The attributes are everything.
All joy and peace and happiness and love that one requires are in the attributes. One will not seek anything else if one has the attributes.
Those who seek material joy and happiness are lost. They are unaware of the attributes.
They seek joy and happiness but they are only aware of material joy and happiness. So they seek these.
They are lost and are seeking ways to find what they really need. They are only aware of material joy and happiness and ways of obtaining these.
Those who seek material joy and happiness will not really find them because they do not really exist. These material emotions are temporary and shallow.
They are created by the material mind. They will disappear because the material mind wants everyone to become more trapped.
Material joy and happiness do not really exist so one cannot really find them. One can believe that one has them but as they do not really exist, one can only believe it for a short time.
The material mind is not capable of creating true joy and happiness. Material joy and happiness can be created in a small amount.
The material mind convinces everyone that these are real. It convinces everyone that it is possible to obtain these emotions.
But they do not really exist. Only the attributes exist.
The attributes are natural. Everyone has the attributes but they have been suppressed and buried.
When one allows the attributes to grow, they will be strengthened. Then one will have the attributes constantly.
Remember that the attributes are, in the state of being. They are always there.
Om Shanti my dearest one Namaste


BABA SPEAKS: Om Shanti my sweet child
The material mind has conditioned everyone to seek material joy and happiness.
These emotions are imitations. They are weak and temporary.
These emotions do not really exist but because the attributes exist, everyone is convinced that these imitations are the same. They are unaware that the attributes are different from the imitations.
The imitations are like images in a mirror. They do not exist but everyone believes them to be real.
Most people seek these imitation attributes because they are lost. They want the attributes because the attributes are part of everyone.
The attributes are natural. They exist in everyone but they have been suppressed and buried.
The attributes have been replaced by imitations. Most people believe that these imitations are real.
Even the names are similar so everyone confuses imitation joy and happiness with true joy and happiness. The material mind creates a mild response that one feels when one has the imitation attributes.
This makes everyone believe that one has the attributes. Then they seek ways to obtain this feeling but they are only able to find imitation joy and happiness which are triggered by the material mind.
Remember that one does not need to seek the attributes. They exist within.
Seeking imitation attributes only leads one to become trapped. Then one seeks more stimulants and becomes more trapped.
Remember that imitation attributes do not really exist. One will discover this after some time.
The stimulants will not create these emotions. When this happens, one must break free and allow the attributes to grow.
But most people seek other stimulants. They continue until they have insufficient time and energy to do anything else.
Remember that time and energy are limited. One must focus on the completion of the journey.
If one seeks stimulants in order to have imitation joy and happiness, one will not accomplish anything. One will just continue going in circles.
Seeking imitation attributes is like chasing after rainbows. They are beautiful but they cannot be obtained.
One must seek the attributes that are within. One must allow them to grow.
Then one will always have true joy and peace and happiness and love. One will not require anything else as one will have everything.
Om Shanti my sweet child



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