Surrounded by distractions, ensure balance. Do not become distracted

10:07 23 April 2021 am Devi’s Murali

Seeker: Om Maha Shakti Namaste

Goddess: Om Shanti my sweetest one Namaste
The material world is full of distractions.
One must learn to prevent all distractions. One cannot become distracted.
Remember that if one is distracted, the journey will not be completed. One will become lost through these distractions.
As one cannot remove all the distractions in the material world, one must learn to prevent oneself from becoming distracted.
One must learn to ensure that there is balance although one is surrounded by distractions. One must learn not to become distracted.
It is difficult to do so because everyone has been conditioned to be distracted. Everyone seeks distractions.
Most people desire distractions. They seek these constantly.
Remember that if one is constantly distracted, one cannot focus on the completion of the journey. One cannot be prepared.
One must learn to be. By being, one can prevent oneself from being distracted.
One must learn to practise. One cannot expect to learn to be without practice.
Remember that the journey must be completed. Everything else is irrelevant.
Om Shanti my dearest one Namaste

Seeker: Om Maha Shakti Namaste 🕉🙏

23 April 2021 am Baba’s Murali

Seeker: Om Shanti Baba

Baba: Om Shanti my sweet child
The material self will always be susceptible to distractions.
This is a conditioning of the material mind. Everyone is conditioned to be distracted.
The material world is full of distractions created for this purpose. Everyone is distracted by material matters.
All material matters are distractions to prevent the journey from being completed. Everyone desires one distraction or another.
Most people have numerous distractions. These distractions are endless.
Most people do not want to be free of distractions. They crave distractions.
If distractions are removed, most people will be lost. They will lose their focus of life.
Remember that distractions are not the focus of life. They will only keep one occupied until it is too late.
The completion of the journey is most important. Without this, one will continue in circles.
Only when the journey is completed, can one be free of the cycle of life. Only then can one be free.
It is simple yet it is so difficult. The difficulty is in refusing to be free.
When one wants to be free, one will be. Then one will focus on completing the journey.
Only then will everything be as it should be. Everything else is a distraction.
Om Shanti my sweet child

Seeker: Om Shanti Baba 🕉🙏


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