By being, silence your material mind and remove its control over your self.

17:03 18 April 2021 pm Devi’s Murali

Seeker: Om Maha Shakti, Namaste

Goddess: Om Shanti my sweetest one, Namaste

It is not easy to be, because the material mind will always want to be involved.
The more one becomes involved, the stronger the material mind will be. This will give it more control.
If the material mind is weak, it will not be in control. It will not try to condition the material self.
As the material mind grows stronger, the material self becomes stronger too. The soul becomes weaker because the material mind suppresses the soul.
Only when the material mind is silenced, can the control of the material mind be removed. By being, the material mind is silenced.
This allows the conditionings and control of the material mind to be removed. It also allows the soul to grow stronger.
One must learn to be. One must practise being constantly.
Remember that the soul needs to grow. Being is like breathing.
In order to live life’s purpose, one must be. In order for the soul to grow, there must be life’s purpose.
Om Shanti my dearest one Namaste

Seeker: Om Maha Shakti Namaste 🕉🙏

17:13 18 April 2021 pm Baba’s Murali

Seeker: Om Shanti, Baba

Baba: Om Shanti, my sweet child

Everyone is involved in material matters because the material mind wants these.
The material mind wants to be involved in material matters so that it can control and condition everyone. It can also grow stronger.
The more one is involved in material matters, the stronger the material mind will grow. All natural traits can also be replaced with unnatural traits.
Material matters also help the material mind to keep everyone trapped. These are distractions and attachments that will keep everyone lost and trapped.
When one is attached or distracted, one will not seek to find the truth. One will not try to break free.
It is like a child being occupied with a toy. The child will not try to do something else as long as the child is distracted.
All material matters are distractions. One will not want to break free as long as one is distracted. One will remain trapped for years or decades or lifetimes.
Remember that all material matters are irrelevant. They are creations of the material mind to keep one trapped.
The journey will not be completed if one is trapped. It will take longer for the journey to be completed.
Remember that the soul must be free. Only when one is free, can the soul be free.
Only by being, can one break free of the conditionings and control of the material mind. By being, one weakens the material mind but strengthens the soul.
Om Shanti, my sweet child

Seeker: Om Shanti, Baba 🕉🙏


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